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"We've got your back"

We provide after sale Support which includes installation, configuration and SLAs for a wide range of service portfolio starting from notebook, desktop for individual, small size firms and ending with enterprise solutions for large enterprise firms.
We introduce the most complete support for PCs, tablets, etc – the only complete support service combining priority access to expert support.
Whether you are a growing business or global organization, these support packages for enterprise systems provide the level of hardware and software support you need for peace of mind and optimized productivity.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

The mission of IT is to provide high quality and reliable central Communications and Information Technology services that are cost-effective, based on best practice, and meet the requirements of your organization & its administrative activities.

Objective of the Agreement:

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement is to describe the key services we provide and the quality standards we have agreed with our service users in terms of service delivery.

Technical Training:

Technical Training Solutions is an engineering skills training company with 10 years of experience behind it.

We provide:

1- A comprehensive range of highly-focused technical courses to Technical      support departments (PCs, Printers, Servers, Data center,…etc).
2-  The emphasis on useful practical skills
3-  A 'hands-on' approach to training so that delegates 'learn by doing' on       modern IT Equipments.
4-  Convenient delivery of training at your own site or on a scheduled         course.
5-  Customised courses can be created to match specific training needs.
6-  Comprehensive course notes are provided for all candidates on the        courses.