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Human Development
(Family counseling)
Finally, for a limited period Dr. Mona Mashaal in short vacation in Cairo.A lecture for Girls couples - housewives - and newly married couples and all those who want to enjoy happy married life.The overall objective of the session:Improving and developing the skills and abilities of women and girls of all ages in various scientific methods to enjoy a happy marital life.Lecture sections:1. Department of psychological theoretical.2. Energetic theoretical and practical section.3. Department of Programming and technologies theoretical and practical.
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(English conversation)
- Canadian Instructors.
- Funny Material.
- Teaching on Laptops.
- Reading, Writing, conversation, singing & playing.
This allow your child to put into practice the grammatical and vocabulary objectives studied before with an emphasis on oral expression, using real situation, discussion & conversation on varies topics.
- Age from 6 to 14 years old
- Will divide depending on the placement test.">
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(social media marketing)
Day 1 :
Introduction to Social Media
Social Media Types
How to use your Facebook effectively?
Facebook Advertising
How to use your LinkedIn in Business ?
Twitter in Your Life !
Instagram in Online Marketing for corporate
How to settle a Social Media Plan
Day 2:
How to Brand your Self / Company.
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Mix
How to deal with Negative Comments
Learn the Behaviors of your Target Audience
The Rules of Social Media Communicating
Day 3:
Social Media Content Plan
How to analysis your competitor’s
online existence on Social media
Social Media Plan
Social Media Strategy
Social Media trends in 2016
Duration & Fees:
3 Days :Hot Drinks
Discount 10 % for 2 Participants
Fees : 500 EGP
Regional Trainer in KSA / Egypt / UAE / Morocco / Lebanon / Sudan / Qatar / Oman / Kuwait
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(IT Sales)
(Chance for graduates in 2015 and 2016) For the first time in Egypt "Course sales specialized in the IT" - after the course you will be able to do interview as if you have same experience of workers. - Instructors already working as sales managers for 10 years. - Course Content: 1. Technical details of the devices and systems of the higher brands. 2. Educate sales phases (opening the case, Following the sales process, Closing the case& following & support after closing the case) 3. Doing practical meetings with the best sales managers of the largest sectors in Egypt. 4. Communication & personal skills and how to deal with customers. (Soft Skills). 5. How to Write Business E-Mail 6. Methods of personality analysis. 7. How to exceed the HR & technical Interview. 8. Hiring in the biggest IT companies in Egypt. It means you will learn the course content and be hired in IT company with experienced instructor in the field for 10 years. 18 Register