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 Power is IT & Learning Company, we deliver IT solutions to support customers as they adapt to technological advancements, followed by the best technical support.

 Power serves and offers technology and consultancy for customers in Government, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Health Care, Hotels & Restaurants, Finance & Banking, Telecommunication Companies, Transportation and Educational Institutions, Corporate, Multinational Companies fields.

 Power Implement a high end technologies for automation, networking, data storage and communication to realize the maximum customer satisfaction. our team will work with you and the various vendors to ensure that a complete and integrated solution is built and maintained.

 As we provide & offering the most relevant and timely courses with the best Instructors with high experience Our core training is focused on Specialized Sales training as (IT sales, Insurance Sales,… etc), Human Development, Supply Chain training, English Conversation,…….etc.

 Also we make a big connection with companies to recruit our trainees, so we're helping employers and job seekers from Egypt and other countries find their right match through our intelligent real-time recommendations and around the clock support.

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Talking about the power we get from effect of hands

We "power" complete each other as partners and employees we believe that success depends on our hands, we cooperate in every single task because of aspiring to perfection.
Our "road" based on our behaviors to get to our goal. Power aiming to grow in size and in responsibilities to wards employees, customers, trainees and suppliers.

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